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Understanding customer needs
We discuss your requirements with you so that we understand your needs.
Feasibility Studies
We work with you to develop news product using the appropriate materials at marketable prices. By conducting a thorough feasibility study, we minimise your risk by spending resources only on projects that will be marketable and cost-effective.
Factory Sourcing
With over 40 years of experience in the housewares industry, we know the strengths and weaknesses of individual factories. We use our extensive knowledge of makers in China to select the right supplier for the specific project and product.
Prototyping and Tooling
Our team is trained to convert visions into designs, and designs into products. Using computer-assisted CAD/CAM technology, we can assist with the tooling, and produce a prototype of the item, if required. You have an opportunity to inspect a finished item, and provide us with comments on the prototype to your satisfaction.
Manufacturing Control
During mass production, we can inspect the factory's facilities to ensure that everything is up to standard and the product is being produced as per your requirements. Our shipping coordinators follow up with factories to ensure on-time delivery of products.
Quality Assurance
Our skilled team of inspectors thoroughly check the function and packaging to ensure that all the products match the original customer specification.
Shipping Consolidation and Export Documentation
We plan shipments so customers receive economical batches on a timely basis using sea and air networks to their maximum potential. In order to provide a comprehensive service, we also complete all the required export documentation for you.
Customer Satisfaction and Feedback
We take pride in extending our service and support beyond the shipment. Our customers are our greatest asset, and repeat business accounts for over 95% of our turnover. We invite you to become our valued trading partner and build a relationship with us.

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